AirClad is the next generation of inflatable buildings. These buildings have been designed in addition to our core range of temporary inflatable buildings to offer permanent and semi-permanent dwellings. These buildings have been designed as architectural products in their own right and have been engineered to stand alone in any environment without the need for excessive excavation or concrete foundations.

AirClad has been engineered and refined using modern building materials and construction methods. This results in a structure created with a minimal use of components in relation to the strength, performance and longevity it provides.

Marina Bay Sands

Why use an agency?

Working in our industry is an art and a science; becoming an expert requires years of experience and the acquisition of a database of professional contacts. We understand the travel and event markets and their demographics, anticipate and create trends, adapt to emerging technologies, and raise awar...



Hemisphere Destinations surpasses conventional standards when designing a corporate seminar, team-building event, or product launch. We create the right environment for all participants to be fully receptive to the brand’s intended message. “We have a responsibility to our clients to make their...



We gather the finest experts in the travel and events industry—producers, project managers, art directors, designers, writers, scouts, life coaches, travel psychologists, guides, and local experience providers and vendors. We call this unique collection of talent The House of Creative...

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We custom design 1 to 4 days full immersive life coaching experiences with our senior life coach and expert Alain Lagger. Our programs draw upon a variety of tools and techniques aimed towards positive adult development and helping people identify and achieve personal goals.We combine meditation, em...

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We offer a variety of half, full or multi days programs in Miami, the US, Latin America or the Caribbean’s with our travel expert and sport athlete Gilles Dandrieux.From scavenger hunts, cooking or acting classes, kayaking, mountain biking, jet skiing, to survival camps or training programs with a...

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We scout three months per year to select a collection of hotels in the Americas as well as the Caribbean that will correspond to our clients’ needs. For groups ranging from 10 to 300 guests, we select boutique hotels that are ideally located with easy access, beautiful surroundings, great single o...



From concept development to event design and management, we assist our clients every step of the way. In Miami, North America or abroad we work with a network of trusted providers who will assist us with all the services we need. Founder Gilles Dandrieux’s film direction and production expertise ...

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When designing larger events, we provide our clients with an illustrated storyboard of 6 to 20 pages of hand drawings or 3D graphic animations. The renderings bring our vision of the event to life, ensuring a smooth production and giving us an invaluable understanding of the layout of the space.We t...