Alan Lagger


Alain Lagger is currently the Director of Happiness for Open English where he supports 2500+ employees in 5 different countries in their daily happiness at work.

As a business coach, he has coached during powerful teambuilding events, sales, service, and finance/collections teams, all the way to Managers, Directors and C-level staff towards better communication, people skills and higher productivity/efficiency.

These events help employees to connect to the deeper purpose behind their job and the effects are known to resonate deep into the personal lives of the participants. The result is a direct impact on the company culture by creating a deeper connection between the employee and the company vision.

Alain has an extensive background as a Life coach, Meditation coach, and Energy Medicine practitioner. He joins the Hemisphere Destinations Group corporate travels/Events on SPECIAL REQUEST.

“People often say that I have the coolest job in the world…….and they are right”

Alain Lagger